Sunday, 2 June 2013

If you go down to the woods today...

I actually got out of the house!!! Though I must confess that this was a week ago, and I have been really bad and in bed for the past several days. Still it was worth it to get out in the spring sunshine. My partner and I popped over to the next village to help one of the elderly people he cares for with his new Sky box remote control, and then went up to the local chapel for a bit of a walk. We followed a short foot path and found a lovely wood with bluebells.



I really enjoyed myself. A walk, for me, normally consists of my partner pushing me down the road and back in my wheelchair! So even a five or ten minute walk like this means a lot to me. Now that the weather is improving I hope to be able to go out a bit more.

Knitting-wise I have finished my Mum's Bunty Mitts:

I'm also making steady progress on my mitred square cushion cover for the iMake KAL:

I am still working on my Snicket socks, and have started a new Mulberry Wrap by Colinette using their Tao Silk and mohair Parisienne in the Toasted Macaroon colourway. So soft! I made one last year in their Madras and Oyster Blush colourways. I got he yarn as a birthday present to myself when we went to the Colinette shop  near Welshpool a couple of years ago. It was really good with some absolutely gorgeous yarns. The also do little tours around the dying area which we managed to get to do while there as well, and was really interesting.  I'm not sure if the family have plans to go to Wales again this year. Am keeping my fingers crossed. x


  1. How lovely you enjoyed your walk and found the bluebell wood, so uplifting. Looks like you did well with your starts and finishes on the knitting front too

  2. Thanks Chrissie, don't tell anyone but I have just cast on yet another shawl today! And it wasn't even what I had meant to cast on next! Oops!