Thursday, 27 June 2013

New balls please!

I am rubbish at sport. No, really I am. I know I now have Fibromyalgia and can barely stand let alone run, but I have always been really bad at sports. The highlight of my sporting career was coming second in the long jump at our secondary school's sports day. "Second" you say, that's pretty damned good. What are you talking about? I came second because there were only two of us competing!
My partner gives me a pained look every time he has to throw something to me because he knows I will not catch it 9 times out of 10. He likes sports, especially football, and the idea that I may pass on my non-sporty genes to prospective offspring is something he dreads.
It's probably because of this non-sportiness that I have never been that much interested in any kind of sport much, except for tennis. I don't know why I like watching tennis. I can't hold a racket to save my life. But Wimbledon is just about the only sporting event I watch on TV. So I am happily engrossed in all the action at the moment.
So as a knitter I wondered if there was a Knit-a-long for Wimbledon, like the Tour de Fleece or Ravelenic Games. It appears not. There are Wimbledon knitting groups on Ravelry, but for people who live there. I could start a KAL of my own, something where you have to change ends regularly or use new balls. Hmm... not sure about this, and I do have six projects on the go as it is. I think I will just sit down with my knitting and watch the tennis for a bit...

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